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Wounded Child

October 28, 2001

A clear and present danger!

By Davy De Verteuil

Chief Chitto Harjo once Said: "I had made my home here with my people, and I was living well out here with my people. We were all prospering. We had a great deal of property here, all over this country. We had come here and taken possession of it under our treaty. We had laws that were living laws, and I was living here under the laws.... I was living here in peace and plenty with my people and we were happy."

But while the Indians were prospering on this sheltered island, white settlement was sweeping like a tidal wave over the mountains to the Pacific. The survival rate remains remarkable after encroachment by a more numerous and aggressive race.

The US have sign in to effect new laws that invariably nullify the American constitution signaling an end to Democracy for Americans or is it for the European settlers after all the OTHERS never really benefited. Full Article

Another clear case of CNN's deliberate distortions

Check the casualties reported by the various media and take a look at CNN's reporting. The first casualty of this 'War' was the truth as is evident by CNN's reporting. The importance of diverse media is self-evident. Full Article

Creating the Terrorists that Will Visit Terror Upon Our Children:

By Michael Ratner and Jules Lobel
A Response to Richard Falk and His Magic Bullet Fantasy

Unfortunately, the current reaction to U.S. hegemonic policies has taken a terrorisitc and brutal form to which a military response appears justifiable. This has made some progressives unwilling to examine the root causes of the terror and blinded them to the nature of the military response. Nonetheless, the problem of U.S. imperial domination clearly lurks beneath the contemporary reality, both in the underlying tensions which helped create the terrorists, and in the overwhelming military response, which will result in a world filled with more U.S. bases, more U.S. supported and armed dictators and, sadly, more terrorists. Full Article

Time for a policy rethink

By Mohamed Hakki

More than two weeks into the US-led bombing campaign in Afghanistan, there are still no answers to the questions that the terrorist attacks on America evoked. Rather, America and its allies are coming to terms with the reality of this war: the air attacks will be neither swift nor surgical. After declaring that the military coalition was "running out of targets," US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld is now saying "We are discovering new targets as we go along." This, in a country that has itself been "rubblised" -- a delicious new verb added to the cultural lexicon meaning "rendered into rubble", as was the case in Afghanistan in the course of the Russian occupation and the tribal warfare that followed. Full Article

Why this insanity?

By Karamat Khan

If insanity is something niching in the minds of ignorant, then the insanity reeking from the fanatic Taliban in Afghanistan is quite understandable, but it is quite elusive and intriguing when it gushes out from the so transcended and civilized Americans. The ongoing relentless US-led military attacks on Afghanistan are no less insane than the harboring of terrorist network by starving Afghanistan.

The whole plan is based on a new authoritarian Bush doctrine of siding either with the US or with the terrorists, leaving thus no room for sanity to inquire as to why the recent devastative terrorism struck the heart of America. The degree of the insanity may be measured from an arrogant rejection of a Saudi prince’s donation ($10 million) by the mayor of New York Giuliani only because the prince dared to ascribe a partial reason to the September 11 attacks, saying that US policies regarding Palestinians were partly to blame for these attacks. Full Article

U.S warned against involvement in land operation in Afghanistan

Moscow, Oct 28, IRNA -- A Moscow-based daily in its Saturday edition warned the U.S. policy makers and military commanders against getting involved in a land operation in Afghanistan, which will end in a crushing defeat at a heavy cost for them.

The 'Commersant' in its article on the current Afghan situation argues that the U.S. has miscalculated the situation and as time goes by this reality becomes more obviously evident for the world masses. Full Article

Who Rules America
The alien grip on our news and entertainment media
must be broken

National Alliance
By the Research Staff of National Vanguard Books

There is no greater power in the world today than that wielded by the manipulators of public opinion in America. No king or pope of old, no conquering general or high priest ever disposed of a power even remotely approaching that of the few dozen men who control America's mass media of news and entertainment.

Their power is not distant and impersonal; it reaches into every home in America, and it works its will during nearly every waking hour. It is the power that shapes and molds the mind of virtually every citizen, young or old, rich or poor, simple or sophisticated. Full Article

Blair rallies Britain as war nerves fray

GUARDIAN UK - Tony Blair moved last night to head off growing unease about the direction of the war in Afghanistan by making an unprecedented plea to the British public not to show any weakening of 'moral purpose'.

In the clearest indication yet of growing nervousness over the battle to win 'hearts and minds' for the action against the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, the Prime Minister urged the public to invoke traditional British resolve for the war against terrorism.

'Whatever faults we have, Britain is a very moral nation with a strong sense of right and wrong,' the Prime Minister said. 'That moral fibre will defeat the fanaticism of these terrorists and their supporters.' Full Article