Nigeria: Location of stolen girls still not known

Nigeria’s President on kidnapped girls: ‘We’ll get them out’

Location of stolen girls still not known
Nigerian security forces still do not know where more than 200 girls were abducted from their school three weeks ago, are being held.

Boko Haram: See List Of 165 Chibok Christian Girls In Boko Haram’s Den-CAN Reveals

Western Powers Fomenting Ukrainian Conflict, US Should ‘Stay Out’

Canada sending soldiers to Poland amid Ukraine crisis
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadian soldiers will take part in military exercises in Poland, as Russia’s “illegal occupation” of Ukraine threatens the stability of the region.

US Media Covers Up Mass Murder in Odessa
Yesterday in Odessa, Ukraine, more than 30 anti-Kiev protesters were burned alive, as a US-backed pro-Kiev mob set fire to the trade union building into which they ran to escape the pro-Kiev crowd.

Protests Grow After Deadly Fire, PM Heads to Odessa
Police Arrested Pro-Russia Protesters After Friday Massacre

Radicals shooting at people in Odessa’s burning building caught on tape

38 People Killed As Radicals Set Office On Fire In Ukraine’s Odessa

Report: CIA, FBI ‘Advising’ Ukraine Interim Govt
Agents ‘Not Directly Involved’ in Eastern Fighting

Grand Puppetmaster Brzezinski Directing War Strategies from the Shadows

39 people die after radicals set Trade Unions House on fire in Ukraine’s Odessa

Lockheed sees Ukraine crisis boosting missile system sales: paper

The Homs Ceasefire Is a Symbolic Blow to Syria’s Rebels
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will retake Homs, known as “the capital of the revolution,” under terms of a ceasefire agreement reached by the country’s government and rebel groups today, according to local activists.

Foreign jihadis in Syria pledge their own 9/11
World View: Ambitious al-Qa’ida-type groups now control – or are free to operate in – an enormous area

Activists: Rebel infighting in east Syria kills 62

Exclusive: CIA Falls Back in Afghanistan
The intelligence agency’s irregular forces have been key to the fight against the Taliban since 2001. Now they’re being withdrawn—just as a bloody fighting season heats up.

The Shaky Legal Foundation of NSA Surveillance on Americans
What the final clause of the Fourth Amendment means in interpreting the government’s rights

Why Deal When Israel Holds All The Cards
Did anyone really think that John Kerry’s nine-month effort to produce a Palestinian mini-state would ever work? If so, they were either ignorant of the Mideast, naïve, or deeply cynical.

Behind Kerry’s apartheid faux pas
The analogy has been used dozens of times by Israeli statesmen. Why can’t John Kerry get away with it?

Netanyahu: You can’t have Palestinian state alongside bi-national state
After scorching criticism, prime minister defends his ‘Jewish state’ basic law proposal, saying existing legislation gives full expression to Israel’s democratic nature, but not its Jewish nature.

“You Might Get Hit by a Car”
On Secret Tape, FBI Threatens American Muslim Refusing to be Informant

Nigeria girls’ abduction: Protest march in Abuja

Nigeria girls’ abduction: Protest march in Abuja
Hundreds of mainly women protesters have marched through the Nigerian capital, Abuja, to press for the release of 230 schoolgirls abducted by militants two weeks ago.

EU peacekeepers take charge at Central African Republic airport, violence rages

The Lessons of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling

A US death row inmate in Oklahoma died of a heart attack after his execution was halted because the lethal injection of three drugs failed to work properly.
The execution of Clayton Lockett, 38, was halted after 20 minutes, when one of his veins ruptured, preventing the drugs from taking full effect.
The execution of a fellow inmate, due two hours later, was postponed.
Courtney Francisco, a reporter with KFOR TV in Oklahoma, described what she was able to witness of the execution before prison officials closed the blinds on the window into the viewing room.

Oklahoma inmate Tasered by prison staff on day of botched execution
Timeline report from director of Oklahoma corrections department also recommends indefinite stay of executions in the state

The Fool, the Demagogue, and the Former KGB Colonel
The fool is John Kerry. His statement that “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on a completely trumped-up pretext,” has to be regarded as an Orwellian classic and may be his signifier in future history books, in the unlikely event that he makes it at all.

Putin: Washington behind Ukraine events all along, though flying low

Kerry warns of “hot confrontation” with Russia

Kerry’s Propaganda War on Russia’s RT
Secretary of State Kerry, who has bumbled through a string of propaganda fiascos on Ukraine, decries Russia’s RT network as a “propaganda bullhorn” that Americans should ignore – just trust what the U.S. government tells you, an idea that ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern rejects.

Pro-Russian protesters storm prosecutor’s office in Ukraine’s Donetsk

Russia stages first Red Square May Day parade since Soviet days

Russia says EU should be “ashamed” over sanctions
Russia suggested on Tuesday the European Union should be ashamed of itself for “doing Washington’s bidding” by punishing Moscow with sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia says not retaliating against Western sanctions for now

NATO official: Russia now an adversary

Canadian CF-18 fighter jets leave for Europe to aid crisis in Ukraine

China-Russia to Hold East China Sea Naval Drills

Ukrainian president says security forces ‘helpless’ to stop separatists’ spread

Americans Want to Pull Back From World Stage, Poll Finds
Nearly Half Surveyed in WSJ/NBC Poll Back Anti—Interventionist Stance That Sweeps Across Party Lines

US Contractors Profiled ‘Cuban Twitter’ Responses

British Spy Chiefs Secretly Begged to Play in NSA’s Data Pools

Kerry “apartheid” controversy shows limits on debate over Israel
John Kerry has offered us a reminder that in American politics, the debate about our closest ally in the Middle East has all the candor and thoughtfulness of a cabinet meeting in North Korea.

I-Team: I-80 cash seizures by sheriff’s office raises questions
If someone with a gun stops you and takes your money — would you call police? What if the person who takes your money also has a badge?

China poised to pass US as world’s leading economic power
Statistics from world’s leading agencies revolutionise picture of world’s economic landscape

Wall Street Journal outlines US military options against China
An article in the Wall Street Journal last Sunday revealed that the Pentagon has devised a range of “military options” to intervene against China in territorial disputes in the South and East China Seas.

Google: We scan all Gmail messages

Google: We scan all Gmail messages
Few will likely find themselves reading the fine print added to the new terms of service issued by Google this week, but the updated version clarifies to customers once and for all that the contents of messages going in and out of Gmail are being scanned.

‘Last thing US wants in the world is democracy. It wants control’

Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’
The secretary of state said that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become ‘an apartheid state,’ like the old South Africa. Jewish leaders are fuming over the comparison.

MKs pan Kerry for saying Israel could become ‘apartheid’
Anti-Defamation League also slams Washington’s top diplomat, who warned of aftermath of talks’ collapse

John Kerry apologises for Israel ‘apartheid’ remarks
US secretary of state sparked outcry when he said country risked becoming an ‘apartheid’ state without a peace deal

Kerry Expresses Regret After Apartheid Remark

No peace with Israel without defining borders: Abbas

Israel begins implementing economic sanctions against Palestinians
In wake of unity deal with Hamas, bid to join UN organizations, Israel begins to implement slew of economic sanctions against Palestinians, day before talks set to reach deadline.

Obama, McCain, and the NATO/EU Gang: Better War than Saying: “It’s our Fault”?
Once again Americans are watching their government involve itself in an issue in which the United States has nothing at stake economically and no genuine national security interest at risk.

Ukraine crisis: Kharkiv mayor Hennadiy Kernes shot
The mayor of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine has been shot and critically wounded amid continuing unrest in the region.

US Turns Down Ukraine’s Plea for Weapons

Russia assures Hagel it won’t invade Ukraine

US Adds New Russia Sanctions to ‘Change Behavior’ in Ukraine
The United States expanded its sanctions against Russia on Monday, targeting members of President Vladimir Putin’s “inner circle” and technology that could be useful to Russia’s military, in response to Russia’s ongoing involvement in Ukraine.

Killing the Putin-Obama ‘Trust’
U.S. “pressure” – including token economic and travel sanctions against some Russian companies and friends of Putin – is likely to continue. But it is not likely to become more extensive if key European countries “man up” and tell Washington what was obvious from the start; namely, that Russia holds very high cards in this area and that the Europeans will not damage their own flagging economies by approving stronger economic sanctions that would inflict real “punishment” on Russia.

Obama’s ‘strategy’ against ‘pariah’ Russia
The Barack Obama administration seems to love the sound of unilateral sanctions in the morning. It must feel like “victory”.

Why is Putin in Washington’s Crosshairs?

Dozens killed in Syria, watchdog to probe chlorine claims

Egypt court sentences 683 to death including Brotherhood chief

International community slams Egypt mass death sentence
UN, EU and member states, also non-governmental organisations in Britain criticize the Egyptian court’s death sentences

Bombers Launch Election Attacks Across Iraq: 84 Killed, 164 Hurt

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Chris Hedges’ Indefinite Detention Case

Donald Sterling gets lifetime ban, $2.5 million fine from NBA

NBA Suspends Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling For Life, Imposes $2.5 Million Fine
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be suspended for life and fined $2.5 million following racist remarks he made in a recorded audio clip.

NBA community reacts to Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban
Silver banned Sterling for life from any association from the Clippers organization or the NBA. He is not allowed to attend any games or practice, or be involved in any business relating to the running of the team. Sterling is also fined $2.5 million dollars, the maximum amount allowed by the NBA.

Oprah Slams Clippers Owner Donald Sterling: ‘A Plantation Mentality’ (Video)
The mogul, on CBS This Morning to promote her new tea line with Starbucks, said Sterling’s comments remind her of “a plantation mentality in the 21st century, in 2014. It just doesn’t fit.”

Spike Lee: Sterling Has ‘Mentality Of A Slave Master, Sees His Players As Slaves

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Welcome to the Finger-Wagging Olympics

Rutgers students occupy campus building to protest Condoleezza Rice speech
Rutgers University students are staging a sit-in at the Old Queens administration building in New Brunswick to protest the selection of former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as commencement speaker.

Botched Oklahoma execution leaves inmate writhing on gurney
After the failure of a 20-minute attempt to execute him, Clayton Lockett was left to die of a heart attack in the execution chamber at the Oklahoma state penitentiary in McAlester. A lawyer said Lockett had effectively been “tortured to death”.

Study: 1 in 25 sentenced to death in U.S. likely innocent

Five Stunning Facts About America’s Prison System You Haven’t Heard

Man Arrested After Taping Arrest With Cell Phone