Energy ballet: Iran, Russia and ‘Pipelineistan’

Energy ballet: Iran, Russia and ‘Pipelineistan’
A fascinating nuclear/energy ballet involving Iran, Russia, the US and the EU is bound to determine much of what happens next in the new great game in Eurasia.

Washington’s Grand Ambition Explains Its Pressures on Russia
After the Soviet Union ended, Washington switched without a second’s delay from an anti-USSR policy to an anti-Russia policy. This included extending NATO to Russia’s borders in violation of earlier false signals and assurances that it would not, and it included Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

John Kerry: Isis ‘Will Be Crushed’
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the extremist Islamic group that brutally murdered an American journalist by execution would be “crushed,” echoing strong words from President Barack Obama earlier in the day.

Iraqi drive on Tikrit falters amid fierce resistance from Islamic State
Iraqi forces pushed north Tuesday in an attempt to recapture the central Iraq town of Tikrit from the Islamic militants who have been occupying it since mid-June, only to see the assault stymied by snipers, roadside bombs and fierce resistance from the rebels.

Iraq’s New PM, Like Maliki, Defined by Years of Sectarianism
Abadi Pushed De-Ba’athification Measures, Opposed Reconciliation

U.S. officials confirm video shows Islamic State militants beheading missing American journalist

In Syria, 6,000 new fighters join Islamic State
Increase marks militant group’s fastest expansion to date, says Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War
5677643With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region.

Gaza child, 2, woman, first deaths since truce breakdown: Palestinians
A two-year-old Gaza girl and a woman were killed in an Israeli air strike on Monday, making them the first Palestinian deaths in the conflict since the breakdown of a truce earlier in the day, Palestinian health officials said.

Saggy pants law challenged by critics
Just over a month after signing the controversial saggy pants ordinance, Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn said Tuesday he no longer supports it and is urging council members to reconsider.

ISIS beheads missing American journalist

Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault
The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin

Russia vows to strengthen navy to ward off NATO

Ukrainian and Russian Leaders Will Meet as Rebels Continue to Falter
Ukrainian forces pushed deeper into territory controlled by pro-Russian rebels on Tuesday, fighting street battles in the besieged city of Luhansk and pressuring the outer defenses of Donetsk in a further blow to the separatists’ crumbling virtual state.

Russian sanctions to hit Dutch exports by $400 million euros: stats office

Russia is working on more retaliatory measures: Kremlin
Russia is working on possible additional retaliatory measures in case Western nations impose new sanctions, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

Boko Haram crisis: Nigerian soldiers ‘mutiny over weapons’
A group of soldiers in north-eastern Nigeria is refusing to fight Islamist Boko Haram militants until they receive better equipment, one of the mutineers has told the BBC.

Report: US exerting pressure on ICC not to open war crimes probe against Israel
‘The Guardian’ quotes lawyers and former court officials as saying that western pressure has influenced decision not to open probe.

Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza after 3 rockets fired at Beersheba despite cease-fire

Why Latin American leaders are standing up to Israel
The frostier their relations are with the US, the more likely they are to sympathize with the Palestinians

ISIS beheads missing American journalist James Wright Foley as warning to US to cease action in Iraq

Ferguson, Iraq, and the Legacy of 9/11
Over the past two weeks, two events have consumed the national news: the authorization of renewed American strikes in Iraq, and the heavily militarized police response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager.

Ferguson police will keep arresting reporters
Police in Ferguson, Missouri, are continuing to arrest journalists and have said that they will continue to do so because of safety concerns, despite condemnation from media organizations that say such detentions are unwarranted.

German journalists arrested in Ferguson

6 more journalists arrested in Ferguson protests

Which journalists have been arrested in Ferguson?

Another Police Shooting In St. Louis, Just 3 Miles From Ferguson: “Suspect Dead At The Scene” – Live Feed

St. Louis City police shoot, kill knife-wielding suspect
St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson says officers warned a suspect multiple times to put down his weapon before they shot and killed him.

31 Arrested in Ferguson Protests Overnight; 2 Shot During Unrest

‘This is the Story of Power in this Country’:
Ferguson, Institutionalized Racism and the Militarization of Police

Last week, after days of violent police rampages in Ferguson, Missouri, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Michigan) said the Senate will “review” the Defense Department program that gives military weapons and equipment to civilian police departments for free.

China chides U.S. over Ferguson violence, American racism

The World’s Most Repressive Regimes Delight In U.S. Crack Down In Ferguson

Gov. Perry To Turn Himself In Today On Charges Related To Abuse Of Power

Brussels Demand on Argentina – Arrogance and Stupidity
Imagine – Argentina – and the rest of Latin America – being urged by the EU, ultimate puppet of the naked emperor, Sir Obama, not to supply Russia with food stuff – vegetables, fruit, meat – after Argentina was ‘punished’ by a corrupt court in New York to pay 1.5 billion dollars to the fraudulent NML Capital et al vulture funds – out of its current agreed upon debt of US$29 billion – equivalent to Argentina’s total reserves.

Black market boom lays bare a social divide in Colorado’s marijuana market
Nascent cannabis industry splits between wealthy with clean criminal records and those who turn to less than legal methods

UN troops disperse Haiti protesters supporting Aristide

UN troops disperse Haiti protesters supporting Aristide
UN troops fired smoke grenades to disperse the protesters after a car carrying UN staff was attacked. Mr Aristide faces charges of money laundering, but his supporters say the investigation is politically motivated.

Ukraine Says It Destroyed Part of Armed Convoy From Russia
Ukraine said its troops attacked and partially destroyed a column of armed vehicles that had crossed the border from Russian territory, while Russia said it was concerned about an attack on another convoy carrying aid.

Mass Killing in East Ukraine and the Failure of Liberal Intellectuals

Hungary PM Orban condemns EU sanctions on Russia
Hungary’s conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban says the EU is harming itself by imposing sanctions on Russia, describing the measures as “shooting oneself in the foot”.

China to start direct sales of fruit and vegetables to Russia

Washington Has Placed The World On The Road To War

Why Obama Wants Maliki Removed
The Obama administration is pushing for regime change in Iraq on the basis that current prime minister Nouri al Maliki is too sectarian. The fact is, however, that Maliki’s abusive treatment of Sunnis never factored into Washington’s decision to have him removed. Whether he has been “too sectarian” or not is completely irrelevant. The real reason he’s under attack is because he wouldn’t sign the Status of Forces Agreement in 2011. He refused to grant immunity to the tens of thousands of troops the administration wanted to leave in Iraq following the formal withdrawal. That’s what angered Washington. That’s why the administration wants Maliki replaced.

US conducts new airstrikes as ISIS kills 90 Yazidis in Iraq town, officials say
The U.S. military conducted new airstrikes against Islamic militants Friday as sources tell Fox News members of the group killed 90 male members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority in a northern village and kidnapped “dozens” of women and children.

ISIS Takes Another Yazidi Town; 183 Killed Across Iraq

U.S. Secret Service ‘Aware’ of Apparent ISIS Flag Photo in Front of the White House

Israel’s target is not Hamas, but Palestinian statehood
Genuine sovereignty would end Israel’s current presumed right to steal Palestinians’ land, control their borders, place them under siege, and bomb them at will

Venezuela will take Gaza orphans, president declares

Ban Ki-moon colluded with US, Israel to undermine UN Gaza report: WikiLeaks

After day’s calm, a storm erupts overnight in Ferguson

Anger Flares Again in Ferguson After Revelations in Michael Brown Shooting

Ferguson police under pressure after linking Michael Brown to robbery
Brown family lawyers accuse police of ‘character assassination’ after conflicting accounts of events surrounding teen’s death

‘The police are inciting violence all over again’: Michael Brown’s family attack character assassination after cops say he robbed store but also admit officer did NOT know that when he shot him

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Revealed as Missouri Fatal Shooting Cop

‘I just saw someone die’: Rapper live-tweets Michael Brown shooting and shares graphic photo of teen’s body in the street as victim’s family accuse Ferguson police of character assassination

Israel-trained police “occupy” Missouri after killing of black youth

The militarization of the police on display

Blowback in Ferguson
The fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager and the ensuing protests in Ferguson, Missouri has rocked America. Even the mainstream media with its aversion to the truth has been forced to address the militarization of the police in America – albeit years too late.

Pentagon weaponry in St. Louis County
Department of Defense provided surplus military vehicles, rifles, pistols to local police departments.

Senate Armed Services chief to review Pentagon program arming cops

Nothing Says “Sorry Our Drones Hit Your Wedding Party” Like $800,000 And Some Guns
On December 12, 2013, a drone struck and killed 12 members of a wedding party in Yemen. If the U.S., which claims the strike was clean and justified, didn’t pony up the $800,000 in cash and guns as reparations, then who did?

‘Attempt to intimidate’: US firm may face terrorism charges in Argentina
Argentina is ready to use an anti-terrorism law to seek criminal charges against a US-based international printing company, which unexpectedly closed its plant on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Two players die at world chess event in Norway
Competitor dies in the middle of a match during Chess Olympiad in Norway and another is found dead in hotel room